LUTs (or Look Up Tables) have come to be used for creatively color grading footage from digital video cameras. The LUTs take the source color values from the footage's color data, and map those values to give a final color output.

LUTs should be considered as a starting point for you to build you color corrections upon. Consider them a "base" onto which you can apply other color effects to achieve a final color grade.

The great thing about LUTs is that they can be used with a range of different software packages, such as Adobe Premiere and even image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Some LUTs can be used "natively" in the software - meaning the software has been designed with the features to apply LUTs.


Software That Supports LUTs Natively (without plugins)

  • Adobe Premiere CC
  • After Effects CS5/6/CC
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro X (10.4 or later)

It's important that before purchasing any of our LUT packs, that you check your video editing software is compatible with LUTs. While most of the newer video editing software with support the use of LUTs natively, some may require the use of third party plugins. A plugin is a piece of software which is installed into your video editing software to allow you to do more things within the program.


Software That Require Plugin

  • Final Cut Pro X (10.3 or earlier)
  • Sony Vegas