Maryland, USA


The Props Manager oversees all the props on a production. Basically, a prop is defined as an object that an Actor uses in a scene, like a coffee cup. This can be particularly important in commercial work because the Props Manager is often handling the product. Much of it is an organizational job where the Props Manager and their team have to keep track of various items. It also requires a fine eye for detail.”

In pre-production, the Props Manager reads through the script and creates a list of every prop that will be used in production. Then they must work with the Production Designer to create a cohesive aesthetic and create a budget. After that, they source each prop, which can get creative. While there are massive props houses, many items can be found in the everyday world at regular shops. Thrift stores are also a great place to find items. Many Props Managers are also on the lookout for unique items in their everyday life that could be good for future films.

After all items have been sourced, they need to be organized. When a call sheet is sent out for a day of shooting, the Props Manager gathers all the necessary items and brings them to set. They don’t want to lug everything on set every day. Once principal production is finished, all rentals must be returned. Items that were purchased are either given to production manager or are kept by the Studio for future projects.

Apply for this if you feel fit.


- Must have a valid drivers licence
- Must have own car or transport
- Must have clean records
- Must have Good conduct and warm outgoing personality
- Experience is not a must